Horses In Motion Gallery is dedicated to offering the unusual in art, sculpture and ceramics.

 As you come in the door,  your senses are surrounded by color, movement, and stories from the minds of artists.  Nothing is the same. One is compelled to enter this world,  feel the excitement and the mystical feelings being offered.  So come see us at Horses In Motion Gallery, 2221 E Frontage RD, Building M, Tubac AZ.  Take home something that will enhance pleasure in your home from day to day. 

Horses in Motion Gallery has been in existence for about two years but the name, Horses In Motion and the owner Esther Rogoway have lived in Tubac for thirty four years. Esther Rogoway is a very well known horse artist.  She and her husband started one of the first galleries in Tubac ,the Turquoise Tortoise Gallery. They ran it for 22 years and sold it so that Esther could concentrate on her own art work.  Esther and her husband traveled around the country doing high end art shows' The time came though, thanks to age, they needed to find another way of staying in the art business, so came into being The Horses in Motion Gallery.  With so many art friends, who agreed to show at the gallery, it was an easy transition.




Welcome to Tubac!


Welcome to Tubac, a historic village and destination for the arts. Art galleries, museums and enchanting shops and jewelry stores await your visit, as does clean air in a beautiful high desert rural environment.  For your dinning pleasure, Tubac is graced with family-owned restaurants offering outstanding cuisine and service, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Margaritas, cocktails and fine wines readily await you. 

Hiking trails along the Santa Cruz river offer leisurely walks among majestic trees and greenery.  Country roads offer vistas and open space for bicycling and of course golfing, at the 27-hole course at the Resort. 

A day in Tubac seems a wonderous dream, walking among galleries, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and photographs. The unique regional fashion, leather, crafts, antiques, and jewelry beckon your senses and eyes to the beauty and craftsmanship of yesterday and today.  The village atmosphere, takes you a world away from urban life.  Whether you come for the day or stay overnight, you will simply love Tubac. 

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