Doreen Garten

I love being a designer of contemporary jewelry that have clean sleek lines - a modern minimalist with a twist. 


We lived in Asia for several years, thus the minimalist designs are created with a twist. Generally minimalist are hard straight lines, but from observing Asian architecture such as the torii gate, the straight lines transition to a slight curve. It’s fun to play!


Strive that each piece tells its own story. 


Special attention is given to light, movement and the energy expressed in each pieces’ simple lines. 


Every piece of our jewelry has been planned visually to create simple, beautiful and to be as engaging as possible!


We offer unique gemstones as well as well known stones. We’ve hand dug stones for many years so we have filled a 2-1/2 car garage with rocks! And, that’s where my jewelry making jewelry started. A couple of years ago I complained to my husband that I couldn’t fit even the lawnmower into the garage. His reply was for me to take silversmith classes and that he would hone his lapidary skills.


We’re working on creating a eco friendly studio.   We’ve gone from silica based compounds to vegetable-based polishing compounds. Lighting is from solar. Instead of paper products, I recycle my husband’s well-worn soft t-shirts to buff the jewelry. Some of our packaging is created from recycled paper. And, we incorporate many other eco friendly opportunities in the studio. But, it is a work in progress.


Everyday when I wake up, I am excited to think about what I get to do today!  I love my job of designer/creator!