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Harriet Hason

The Visual Arts have always been a passion and focus of my life. Born and raised in New York, I graduated from Pratt Institute with undergraduate and graduate degrees in art. I continued my post graduate education and had a successful and fulfilling career coordinating the arts for a school district in New York.

After relocating to Tucson, the same voice I used to motivate others, became the voice I called on for myself. The color and spirituality of the Southwest along with my travels to Europe, Africa and South East Asia, all play a role in my pieces. I have found the commonality of design elements universal, and allow them to creep into my artworks.

My clay figurative pieces as well as my “totem” and animal works, are adorned with patterning and surface texture. I love the immediacy and process of moving the clay to form figures, animals and fantasy works. I use a variety of clays bodies and complete the pieces with underglazes, glazes, stains and mixed media. Since the sculptures are all fired to midrange, they can be placed indoors or outdoors as garden art. And most of all, my art is meant to be enjoyed !

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