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Kristin Harvey

Kristin Harvey’s energetic and vibrant acrylic paintings blend traditional southwestern subject matter with abstract expression to take the viewer on a journey of discovery and illumination.


A lifelong artist born in California, Kristin earned her BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in the early 90’s. An early focus on illustration drew her to the digital art and tech world, creating backgrounds and characters for gaming companies such as Sega and Activision. After designing and building Sega of America’s first ever website, her career took a turn towards user experience design. During this time, Kristin also continued her painting practice and developed her art stylistically. In 2015 Kristin and her husband moved to Southern Arizona to be closer to her parents after they retired to Green Valley. Soon after, Kristin’s digital art career gave way to painting full time.


Kristin’s artwork and color palettes are inevitably inspired by her Sonoran Desert surroundings and appreciation for the Mexican culture. Her color choices are often a reflection of her love of the Mexican folk art and celebration cultures.


“My intuitive paintings today tell the story of my creative process and invites the viewer on a journey of discovery. My goal with my work is to draw viewers into an appreciation of just how beautiful the American Southwest can be, thorns and all."

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