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Artist Statement:  DIANE FAIRFEALD

The creative power in art can make the invisible visible.  My passion is expressing the majesty and mystery, beauty and truth that are revealed through natural and spiritual realms.

Life in the intoxication beautiful “big sky” environment in southeast AZ speaks of majesty and mystery and, for me, inspires the creation of contemporary expressionistic landscapes and skyscapes which often evolve into abstractions.  I am captivated by broad expanses with perspective and distance, scenes that radiate color, contrasts of light and dark.  These elements create that sense of mystery and majesty and spur me on to find ways to make the unknown known, the invisible visible.  Ultimately I am inspired by God, His Word, His handiwork and the many ways He reveals His glory.

Sometimes a scene will imprint in my mind and the power of its memory will become my reference.  When possible I take photos of scenes that capture me for future reference.  That photo becomes only a general reference once back in the studio. Replicating the image exactly, capturing all the detail, is not my goal.  Instead, I work to convey the power of the scene as it impacted me, drawing out the most important elements and conveying them through paint, intuitive strokes and innovative materials.  I capture the primary elements of the composition, blocking in large areas of color and movement and then begin to develop the work only using the photo or sketch very occasionally but letting the painting take on its own voice.

Master Painter George Inness from the 1800’s puts it well:  "I had begun to see that elaborateness in detail, did not gain me meaning.... and produce the sense of spaces and distances and with them the subjective mystery of nature with which wherever I went I was filled. ... I gave way to my impulses and produced sentiments the best I could. . . "



The 2022 Fine Arts Festival is scheduled for February 9th – 13th .  The five day festival welcomes artists and visitors to a fun and wondrous affair. Artists from across the country will present their finest in arts and crafts. 

The Horses in Motion Gallery will be joining them to celebrate this wonderful art festival.

March Studio Tour

Art Studios and Galleries will participate in this years

Studio tours. Artist will be showing off there best work.  Galleries  will have participating artist doing demos .Come join us for this yearly event. 

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