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Jeremy Serna

Jeremy Serna was born and raised in South Texas and currently resides in Brownwood, Texas. Serna owns Painting with Friends and is a self-taught artist. At an early age, Jeremy began working with pastels and it metamorphosized from there, "the next thing I knew I was airbrushing, using oils, acrylics and watercolors." He studied immensely to get where he is today.


Literature such as "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards drove his desire to practice, study, learn, and develop more defined artistic abilities. To further develop his skills, he attended several classes with Michael Holter. Serna continues to study and attend classes with well-known watercolor artist, Alvaro Castagnet.

Serna is represented in several cities in Texas including: Llano, Waco, Fredericksburg, and Canton as well as Eureka Springs, AR, Ventura, CA, and with several private collectors. He won the Overall Artist award in 2020 at the Stars of Texas Paint Off Competition. He spends many Saturday mornings teaching watercolor classes via zoom and invites people into his studio to learn and study as well. Jeremy's teaching is at a good pace, well organized and informative. He encourages students to ask questions so they can grow and develop their skills as well.

Jeremy has developed a love for watercolor. His paintings are impressionistic, allowing the painting to evolve from what is recognizable to the eye. Serna says "Plein Air painting is the best form, life and nature are the best teachers. Creating brush strokes that tell the story of what is happening around'me and keeping the painting loose is exhilarating." Jeremy sets the tone of his day by sketching every morning with a brush. " sketch every day to connect with what I see, interpret it in my brain and put it on paper. I paint the verb and not the noun."

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