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Jerry Locke

About the Stone

The stone used in these mountainscape sculptures is from around the world.  Some of it is easy to obtain and some of it is difficult. All of it is purchased from importers, miners, stone merchants, or individuals.  Some of the stone can be bought at Home Depot and some of it must be purchased from the mine or quarry.  To obtain some of it you must know the name and phone number of the person who has it.  Some of the stone was once intended to be a floor covering.  All I really care about when I purchase it is that it be beautiful. 

Whenever possible I buy the stone already cut into slabs.  In this way I can see what I am buying and have very little waste.  The slabs are then cut, cleaned, “sculpted”, and finished into individual mountains.  All of the colors are natural colors as they came out of the earth.  I don’t add any color to the stone at all.  Some clear sealers are used to provide shine and strength. 

Nature does all of the difficult and time consuming work on my sculptures.  All I really try to do is combine it and present it in a way that makes you feel good. 

About the Artist

We are sculptors because we love stone.  We are fascinated by what hides inside the stone and the process of discovery.  We work in wonder of the colors and lines and textures that hide beneath the surface and we’re mystified by the geological processes and the length of time required to create them. 

Presenting our work in the form of landscape is the most natural way for us to ask you to look deeper.  Look deeper into the world around you.  Look beneath the surface for the beauty around you and understand that it might take some effort to find it.  Landscape allows us to present it, and place it in a world where each stone benefits from the diversity around it.  Each is made more beautiful because of the others around it. 

We see ourselves as much tour guides as artists.  We take great joy in sharing the special places we’ve found in stone and in watching you discover a world that is just under the surface. 

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