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Russ Vogt

Meet Artist Russ Vogt

About Russ Sculptor and painter Russ Vogt was born, raised, and educated in central Minnesota. Art is totally intuitive for Russ, and he follows where it leads. He says that the things he learned growing up facilitate that intuition.

Russ’s parents, of German descent, grew up during the Depression and his grandparents were family farmers. In such a setting, life required they “make do” or “figure it out.” So Russ learned to use tools to make and fix stuff. He and his father once built a scooter from homemade parts. The skills he gained then are the skills he now uses to frame a canvas or form a sculpture.

Today Russ and his wife, Suzanne, live in the Minneapolis area. The two often collaborate, shaping pieces and assembling the sculptures. The result: unique sculptural forms that are graceful both in- and out-of-doors.

Privately, Russ is both naturally optimistic and self-effacing. His art is the sum of the personal, mechanical, and creative processes he has developed and enjoys.

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