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Les Powers

Meet Artist Les Powers

Les Powers received his formal education in Art and Design at the University of Colorado. He then spent the early part of his career designing and building furniture.  Later he decided it was time to expand his creativity and the materials used. With that said he started to create three dimensional expressions that were less functional art and more from the spirit.

Les believed in combining harmonious materials to form one union as one would see in nature. He uses stones from as far off as Madagascar, sandstone, honey calcite, volcanic rock and alabasters from his home state of Utah to blend with woods that he finds from all over the world.  He also brings semi-precious stones into his inlays and man-made resins to add some dynamic color and appeal to a sculpture.

Les starts with an idea but then tries to let go and allow his spirit and the materials determine the end product. The mind will guide the hand for the craftsmanship but it is the spirit that determines the form.

Les’ inspiration comes from his love of nature and his many travels to the desert southwest, losing himself in the landscapes rich in color and  form that he hopes he can then transform into a sculpture. Les also creates pieces that show an emotion that are hard to put into words but the form touches that emotion that is within each of us. Les does not see himself as trying to duplicate what he see or feels as much as represent what comes from the heart, soul and spirit.

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