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Cristina Sanchez

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 Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Cristina Sanchez is an accomplished artist with nearly 25 years of experience. Cristina began her education at the University of Chihuahua as a painter. After completing her degree, she furthered her studies in San Miguel de Allende, where she developed a passion for sculpting in various mediums including wood, clay and stone. Fueled by her new found passion, she traveled to Barcelona to learn more about clay sculpture. Today she continues to focus on clay sculpting and mixed media art. Her themes often include the human form and coexistences with the subconscious. The influence of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic roots becomes evident when considering her body of work as a whole. Her sculptures reveal sets of negative spaces, smooth strokes and delicate lines, while maintaining the strength of human expression that characterizes her style.


"My work is a reflection of who I am and where I come from. As a Latin American artist, I am influenced by my roots and magical realism. My work is a mixture of reality and fantasy. The principal element of my work is clay, which is often used in conjunction with materials such as wood, metal and found objects. Fragmentation of figures, symbols, and a monochromatic palette drive the rhythm and composition of my work, while the details capture descriptions of moments and emotions. The human figure is most often the protagonist but not the only character in my work. It can be said that my sculptures are storytellers in search of a dialogue with the viewer."

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