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Alex Heveri

Alex Heveri is a bronze, clay, dalle de verre glass and steel sculptor who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She has been working in these mediums for over 25 years and has numerous public and private art commissions. Her sculptures enhance the aesthetic quality of outdoor spaces with original designs of hardened steel and brillant color. “Steel appeals to me because it appears hard, unyielding, and permanent, yet with artistic skill and effort, it can be molded like clay. Light, like fire, mesmerizes the human soul. It is this interplay between the two – the strength and power of steel with illuminated glow of color and glass that informs my art.” She is currently creating botanical garden exhibits titled Glass in Flight, Glass in Flight 2, and Glass in Flight Limited Edition. Her two exhibits, which have been enthusiastically received, present expressive and interpretive sculptures of the most colorful winged insects and their in-flight brilliance. The exhibits will travel with five destinations under contract.

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