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JanyRae Seda

I work in color, superimposing it in strata, scraping, erasing, layering successive applications of paint to create spaces of infinite complexity.  Rearranging the real, suspending time in the midst of continuing action, my work of painting is stopping time for a brief moment and capturing with brush, paint and canvas. 


I observe the structure, and the space between. This is the direction I am taking for this experiment in painting landscapes. 

After 20 years of painting I am just beginning to understand what painting is all about!


I love watching the puffy clouds float by in the blue sky, the dark blue lakes, the rocky rivers, the bright wooded hills, the large trees, all inspiring within my sunny studio.


JanyRae Seda

Seda Studio

Boise Idaho

  • University of Idaho BFA 1973

  • Boise Artist in Residence 2009

  • Wallowa Oregon Best of Show oil 2010

  • Sedona Arizona Best of Show 2010

  • School of the Art Institute Chicago Scholarship 2010

  • Saint George Utah Runner-Up 2012

  • Featured Artist Rotary International, CA 2012

  • Bend Oregon Best of Show 2013

  • Idaho BLM artist in Residence 2014

  • Ojai Art Festival Best of show 2016

  • Los Altos Mayor Award 2017

  • Mesa Verde National Park Artist in Residence 2018

  • Artist in Residence Idaho Botanical Garden 2021-2022 

  • Idaho Governor's Award 2022, Excellence in Arts

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