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Jaela Luks

Having traveled this earthly road for a good while, and a love for our planet, animals, people, plants, she sees all as one thing, OUR global ecosystem. Fine art, theatre, creative ventures, all stir her want to ground  moments of frustration with deep breaths of calm in these times. Color, shape, logic, wonder or surprise, all play together on the canvas, offering a space where thoughts might allow a smile to travel across one’s face.

With sought-after past challenges satisfied in her artistic arsenal, including: 
•most areas of all Theatre
•choreography, direction, 3 Annual Awards Ceremonies for a large area Bank
•painting multiples of large ‘artsy-office’ art 9 yrs for an Annual Charity Drive with a nationwide retail store
•10 completed years selling her Art, sales world wide 
•Smithsonian project, Museum in Bisbee, AZ
•earning B.A. degree
•jobs to survive recession 
•single Mom, 2 great sons

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